Family Pet Project

Family Pet Project was started by Lizz Whitacre and Justin Collier. They believe their purpose on Earth is to better the lives of pets all across the nation, and Family Pet Project is the fruit of their efforts. Family Pet Project helps pet owners by providing online access to adoption, re-homing, and pet friendly housing resources.

Family Pet Project is a safe haven for those adopting and those looking to rehome a pet. FPP uses an adoption application process similar to that of a pet rescue, they perform public background checks, and all potential adopters must be approved by a staff of animal welfare experts. This entire process happens online.

Moving is hard. Moving with a pet is harder. Finding a pet-friendly place to move to . . . that’s nearly impossible. Until now.

Family pet project provides a search interface that allows pet owners to identify pet friendly housing options without having to individually call each apartment complex to learn about their pet policy.