Traditional forms of communication like text messaging or phone calls can often lack clarity when it comes to describing the location of the subject of conversation. This leads to lost time and productivity on the jobsite. DivviMap gives a precise location reference to every conversation, making it easy for all involved to understand what the conversation is about.

DivviMap has an easy to use interface, which is where the action happens. Dropping a pin brings the power of geolocation to any conversation, cutting out the back-and-forth of trying to help others understand what you’re talking about.

When you add others to the conversation, they’re sent a notification and can see what you’re talking about on their own map. Once they enter the conversation, communicating is as easy as sending a text message on your phone.

DivviMap was built for teams that work outdoors, over wide areas.

Those who work in industries such as construction, groundskeeping, facility maintenance, forestry, agriculture, recreation and event management, and more can all benefit from using DivviMap to handle their communication needs.